Build your bridge across the canyon! This game is simple, but also challenges your wits and reflexes to the max.

Game Guide

Your starting score is 500 points, but this decreases by:

- 1 point for every second the game is in play.
- 5 points every time a new rock appears.
- 30 points when you tap the smallest-rocks button.

Click the smallest-rocks button to change the next 10 rocks to the smallest size.

The goal is to make a flat road on the upper surface of the bridge.

There are two types of canyons: "With Bottom"(A01-A10) and "Bottomless"(B01-B10).

The game will choose a random canyon for you to build a bridge over by default, but you can also choose a specific canyon from the settings screen.

Tap on the screen to rotate the rock.

Flick downwards to drop the rock instantly.


PC browser version

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