This is a simple but very absorbing puzzle.

A large number of people have played it since it appeared as a browser game for personal computers on

Color Tiles Mini is redesigned for iPhone screen size.

This game supports Game Center.


Tap on a blank space. If the color matches the nearest neighboring tiles,vertically or horizontally, from the tapped space, you get the matching tiles.


There are 100 tiles. You get 1 point for each tile.

You have 45 seconds to play.

If you tap on a space where you can not get any tiles, your passed time will increase by three seconds, and your remaining time will decrease by three seconds.

When the time is up, if you tap the "Continue Game" button, you can continue playing until you get all tiles.

Your score will be set when the time is up, and will not increase after that.

This game supports Game Center. When you are signed in to the Game Center, the Leaderboard button and the Achievement button will be displayed on the score screen.

Both your top 20 scores and time will be saved on your device. When all 20 scores are perfect, only the number of perfect scores obtained will be displayed.

This game shows up to 999.9 seconds